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Emily Maroutian is an award-winning writer, poet, and philosopher. She has authored several bestselling books within the fields of personal development and philosophy. She has studied both subjects for over a decade, developing a notable ability of simplifying complicated concepts and turning them into useful resources for self-improvement and healing. 

Latest Updates:

March 24, 2024

Emily Maroutian has been featured as a prominent author in The Industry Times. The article highlights Emily as an Armenian-American writer, poet, and philosopher, who has made significant contributions to literature and self-help with her introspective and insightful works. It discusses her writing, which explores themes like emotional processing, relationships, spirituality, and personal growth, resonating deeply with readers. Read the article by clicking on the title.

March 13, 2024

Emily Maroutian was interviewed in Life Lovers Magazine where she discussed the negative impact of social media on women's self-image, highlighting the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed online. Emily emphasized the importance of reframing self-perceptions and setting personal beauty standards to foster self-acceptance and confidence. Read the article by clicking on the title.

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