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Emily Maroutian is an award-winning writer, poet, and philosopher. She has authored several bestselling books within the fields of personal development and philosophy. She has studied both subjects for over a decade, developing a notable ability of simplifying complicated concepts and turning them into useful resources for self-improvement and healing. 

Latest Updates:

February 24, 2024

Emily Maroutian was interviewed for Disrupt Weekly, where she discussed the nature of her work and its impact on cultural change. Emily's interview focused on themes of empowerment, healing, and authenticity, encouraging her readers to free themselves from limited thinking and harmful beliefs. She also shared her personal experiences in this candid interview. Read the article by clicking on the title.

February 9, 2024

Emily has been featured in an insightful article on In the article, she challenges us to rethink how we influence society and shape our cultural narratives. She invites us to embrace the fluidity of culture, redefine our identities with each generation, and see change as an inevitable and welcome companion to progress. To read more, please click on the title of the article.

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