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This Book is a Warm Hug

On November 15th our latest title will be available to purchase in paperback and kindle on amazon. Within the next two weeks it will also be available worldwide in most bookstores.


There are days when you need a warm hug and a few encouraging words from a good friend. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to help you feel supported while you’re going through a difficult time. This book might not be able to actually hug you, but it will provide loving passages to comfort you as you go through physical illness or mental and emotional challenges. It won’t heal you, but it will support you as you work on healing yourself.

This Book is a Warm Hug offers 185 passages of comfort, relief, encouragement, and hope. If you’re receiving it as a gift, know that the giver cares for you deeply and wants to offer you words to help ease your struggle. You can read through the entire book, or simply focus on one passage a day. Use it in any way that contributes to your healing.


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