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About Our Company


Welcome to Maroutian Entertainment, where we encourage adventures in thinking.


We are a multimedia company dedicated to positively shifting the way human beings think, interact, and relate to the world around us. Our works focus on cultivating an open and curious mind, while creating new patterns of thinking, better habits of feeling, and a strong sense of interconnection and oneness. 


We believe that change on a global level happens when we make changes on an individual level. An open mind leads to an open and inclusive world. That's why we are working to create positive, empowering, and life-changing material that will lead to bigger global effects. When one person is healed or empowered, the world becomes a little better.



Emily Maroutian


Emily Maroutian is an award-winning writer, poet, and philosopher. She has authored several bestselling books within the fields of personal development and philosophy. She has studied both subjects for over a decade, developing a notable ability of simplifying complicated concepts and turning them into useful resources for self-improvement and healing. 


She is also the founder of Maroutian Entertainment, a multimedia company that produces empowering and uplifting material through books, courses, and other media. Their projects center on the idea that we all have the power to better the world through bettering ourselves.